" Niru clearly enjoys people, conversation and current events.  Her background in the law gives her solid analytical skills.  She is comfortable in front of the camera, and as the expression goes, the camera loves her.  She does, indeed, sparkle."

Steve Paikin, Host of The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO

cbc producer

Colleen Ross, Senior Producer, CBC Radio


"Niru is insatiably curious and keen to talk to anyone about anything. She loves to learn and to share what she's learned with others. Her experience as a lawyer makes her dig beneath the surface to get to the 'why'. You can't help but be drawn in as her enthusiasm bubbles over from the microphone onto the airwaves."

"Right from the initial stages of her career with Rogers TV Peel it was evident to everyone at the station that we had landed one of the most charismatic and intellectual hosts in the history of the show. Significantly, her skill is allied with tenacity, diligence and a high level of organization. That level dedication has only increased with time, resulting in her being our go-to host whenever we have had to produce important shows for special occasions.

One of Niru's greatest assets is her versatility. Whether she is conducting a debate about important issues with political leaders with diverse opinions or talking to organizers of a charitable event in the community, Niru speaks with a calm disposition and always ensures that the important questions are asked and that our viewers get the balance and quality of information they deserve. Niru has a natural flair for television, always keeping the viewers engaged while portraying a friendly personality.

I believe Niru's continuous dedication to her craft allied with her passion to educate and infirm viewers about the important issues of our time make her an ideal candidate to be a host of a TV show at the best networks in the country."

Wasim Parkar, Senior Producer, Rogers TV Dufferin-Peel

Michael Bowe, Co-Chair, Community Inclusivity Equity Council of York Region (CIECYR)

"Ms. Kumar is a breath of fresh air; a consummate professional! Her command of the stage and the unfolding of a given event are second to none!  The tone, articulation and pacing of her oration is truly a pleasure to listen to; her projection of confidence, likability and professionalism is unmistakable. Of equal importance, Ms. Kumar is able to think on her feet and respond within moments to unexpected changes. She would be a remarkable asset to your organization/event."

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