What drives Niru?

Niru Kumar

I love talking. I always have. Just ask any of my high school teachers, or my parents and friends for that matter! Maybe I was meant to be a lawyer. Well...been there, done that.

It turns out that the kinds of conversations that inspire me are the ones where I make real connections with real people on the things that really matter.

I’m sure you know the ones I mean, because let’s face it, we all have struggles, challenges and fears...like the daily choices we make that affect our kids, or the troubles with meaningful relationships in our lives? Or the worries about our fitness, health and aging? Or our uncertainties about our career paths, spirituality or even our self-worth? I know I do. And I’m pretty sure you do too.

So how come no one in the media is talking about these things? Why is it that most “talking” today boils down to a quick soundbite, the latest trend or hot topic, a “like” or a 140-character tweet? Where’s the rest of it...the stuff that real life is made of?

I think it's time to bring back real talk with real people.

So I say, "let's get real!"

As she explains to Steve Paikin, she has lived at the intersection of Canada and India her whole life. Niru peppers her speech with Hindi, French and Spanish, likes to wear suits and saris, indulges in Bollywood and Hollywood, and is a trained classical Indian dancer who's also dabbled in Canada's favourite national sport.

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